Ferrari F430 Screensaver

Ferrari F430 Screensaver 9.0

Ferrari F430 Screensaver brings this magnificent vehicle to your screen
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This is a scrensaver specially designed for all of those who, like me, are fans of what we call "muscle cars". Ferrari F430 Screensaver brings this magnificent vehicle to your screen. This great screensaver will really let you enjoy your idle time at the computer by showing you several pictures of one of the best and most precious cars in the world: the Ferrari. Personally, it is my favorite car. Its line, shape, specs and everything seem to me like some of the most advanced technologies developed for a sports car, which can also be used on the street.

You will be able to delight your eyes with great pictures of the Ferrari F430 from different angles. You can see it from one side, from the front, with its doors open like wings and more. I guess that the only way from here is to jump into it and start driving. Personally, I like how it looks with its door open into the air. It gives the car a sense of future that is really satisfying. The screensaver changes pictures automatically, giving you enough time on each one so you can really appreciate the beauty of this car. You will surely attract the attention of anyone that happens to walk by your computer.

Fernando Soni
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  • Beautiful pictures
  • Great angles


  • After a while you will learn all images, but it's still worth it
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